Men’s skin is scientifically different than women’s skin. Testosterone and other male hormones cause men’s skin to function and age in unique ways that are distinct from women’s.

men’s skin is thicker

In fact, men’s skin is 30% thicker than women’s and has more collagen and elastin fibers, giving it more strength, elasticity, and resilience. However, the collagen content in men’s skin decreases at a much earlier age than women. This results in patterns of facial wrinkles and creases unique to men.


Despite the ability of men’s skin to resist wrinkles better than women’s, men tend, for work and lifestyle reasons, to have more chronic sun damage, get less sleep and experience more stress. Areas of long-term sun exposure, like the face and neck, are prone to develop a leathery appearance. This is due to damaged elastin protein in the skin along with loss of collagen.

“Fibroblasts, the type of cell that produces collagen in men’s skin, are shown in blue.”

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