Vorteil Insider Tips

Insider Tip #1 – For most men, facial redness is caused by either sun damage or rosacea. This can cause embarrassment for professional men who interact with clients. Some improvement can be made by steering clear of the triggers of facial redness: hot beverages/soups, alcohol, spicy foods, smoking, sunlight, and hot showers on the face. If still no dice, laser can help lessen the redness by 50-90%, call Vorteil for details.


Insider Tip #2 – For thinning hair, nothing comes close to a hair transplant. Vorteil uses the latest technology and techniques to deliver superior results. Call us at 949-276-2600 for details.


Insider Tip #3 – Men get facial veins and redness much more commonly than women, typically as a result of male hormones and excessive sun exposure. This requires using an advanced laser with settings specifically tailored to men’s thicker skin. At Vorteil, we use FDA approved, tried-and-true laser procedures that lead to optimal results in men.


Insider Tip #4 – Squint lines and crow’s feet can make you appear less youthful than you really are. In fact, men often have a different squint line “pattern” compared to women, mainly because the muscle surrounding the eye (and causing the wrinkles) is almost twice as powerful. Because of this, Vorteil uses specific treatment techniques for a man’s unique anatomy, resulting in a non-feminine look.


Insider Tip #5 – According the the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, men over age 40 have the highest annual sun exposure compared to any demographic. The experts at Vorteil can repair sun damage with a Fraxel resurfacing laser. Since we specialize in men’s skin, our experience shows that stronger energy settings and different techniques are needed to penetrate a man’s thicker skin and get the best result.


Insider Tip #6 – Fact: Smoking ages men’s skin. Smoking has been shown to wreak havoc on the skin in many ways, including breaking down collagen (which cause wrinkles and skin sagging), inducing elastin protein destruction (creating a yellow hue to the skin) and worsening of acne scars (by slowing the delivery of oxygen to the skin). Not enough reason to quit? Smoke depletes moisture, making skin lose its luster and look older.


Insider Tip #7 – Fact: From the teen years to the early 30’s, men’s skin ages at about the same rate as women’s. However, after the mid-thirties, men’s skin continues to age much more rapidly. Non-surgical anti-aging procedures performed at Vorteil can take years off the skin. Call us today to schedule a consultation.


Insider Tip #8 – Fact: Men are much more prone to hair loss than women because of increased amounts of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). For thinning hair, the experts at Vorteil recommend to use some Head and Shoulder’s Active Sport for Men shampoo every other day. It contains zinc pyrithione, which has been proven to block the message that tells hair follicles to shrink and die.


Insider Tip #9 – Fact: Stronger facial muscles in men, along with 30% thicker skin, make men more likely to develop deeper furrows and expression lines than women. Non-surgical treatments that can be done on a lunch break, such as wrinkle relaxer and wrinkle filler, can smooth and reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. Specific techniques and products are best for men’s skin and produce the most natural result (never an “artificial” appearance).


Insider Tip #10 – According to a scientific article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a low-glycemic diet–lots of vegetables, whole grains, and few processed sugars-can eliminate acne in men. What’s more, it can improve fine lines and prevent uneven skin texture. Refined carbohydrates, sugary snacks (like cookies and candy), and processed foods spike the hormone insulin, which triggers an inflammatory cascade in the skin. Low-glycemic foods, like broccoli, aspargus and other green veggies, help the body regulate insulin and decrease inflammatory cytokines.


Insider Tip #11 – Did you know that, compared to women, men tend to have a redder skin color due to increased skin blood flow? Men also have darker skin complexions due to greater sun damage and increased skin tone. Repair skin damage with Vorteil’s anti-aging solutions for men. Not only can we repair sun damage and facial redness, but we can also use non-surgical procedures to improve skin tone and texture.


Insider Tip #12 – Fact: men have more dry areas on their skin than women because of more water loss through the sweat glands. To preserve your skin for the long-term, use a face wash formula with soothing, rejuvenating effects, like CeraVe brand cleanser (available over-the-counter). Using lukewarm water, rub it in with an upward motion from neck to forehead to prevent irritation and dryness.


Insider Tip #13 – All-trans retinoic acid is the only topical ingredient approved by the FDA to treat photodamage (ie: skin aging). Available in Vorteil’s V-repair cream, it is proven to improve fine wrinkling, even skin tone, repair sun damage, and fade brown spots. Perfect for guys who want to start an effective, low-maintenance anti-aging regimen. Vorteil’s formulation is specifically made for a man’s thicker skin. ($109.00, lasts 3-4 months, prescription only).


Insider Tip #14 – Fact: 1 in 5 men will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Believe it or not, skin cancer is common on the skin between the nose and corner of the inner eye. Why? Because sunlight gets reflected off the cheekbones and focuses like a laser beam on this area. Protect yourself by applying SPF 15 lip balm to the area–it will stay on the skin and won’t run into the eyes (and sting) like a lotion.


Insider Tip #15 – Do you hate unwanted varicose veins on your legs or feet? At Vorteil, we use the latest FDA approved technology to safely eliminate varicose and spider veins. The procedure takes 30 minutes, is minimally painful and works extremely well.


Insider Tip #16 – For dry, brittle hair following chlorine or salt water exposure, rinse your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner. This will restore moisture to the hair cuticle and keep your locks in top shape.


Insider Tip #17 – Fact: In both men’s and women’s skin, the outer, dead cell layer is equally thick. However, men have a 30% thicker second layer of skin, which contains collagen and elastin, responsible for the increased strength and elasticity of men’s skin. These differences occur in all age groups and in all areas of the body, not just the face. So protect your most valuable asset, yourself. Make sure to wear sunscreen daily. Look for products that contain micronized zinc oxide, as they offer broad-spectrum protection without leaving a purple or whitish hue to the skin.


Insider Tip #18 – Wrinkles used to be manly…but the “Marlboro man” look probably won’t impress your next client. Get your skin rejuvenated and rested with Vorteil’s non-surgical anti-aging procedures for men. They are tried-and-true and never experimental. That means the results are consistent and cost-effective with little downtime. (by the way…we can eliminate sun damage/redness as well, see our results gallery).


Insider Tip #19 – Fact: Men are more prone to pseudofolliculitis barbae, or razor bumps, because of thicker, coarser terminal hair. Aside from letting the hair grow longer (which cures razor bumps), there are effective treatments for razor bumps. These include topical prescription gels, washes and laser hair removal. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 949-276-2600 for additional information.


Insider Tip #20 – Contrary to popular belief, 80% of a man’s lifetime sun exposure is not acquired before age 18. In fact, only 23% of lifetime exposure occurs by age 18. Skin aging results from ultraviolet damage to the skin structures over time. Applying a sunscreen specific for men’s skin, like Vorteil’s V-age defense, to the face every day after shaving is the single best way to prevent skin aging and skin cancer. Don’t forget the tops of the ears, as men have shorter hair styles (and less ear coverage) than women.


Insider Tip #21 – As if guys needed another reason not to clean…House cleaning takes its toll on sensitive skin, like men with facial redness, rosacea and eczema. The chemicals in cleaning sprays and wipes can trigger irritation and flushing, eventually leading to permanent redness. A chemical free cleaning solution is easy to mix: ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda into 2 quarts water. For laundry, try dye-free detergents like All Free and Clear.


Insider Tip #22 – Tired of shaving your back? Permanent laser hair reduction is a common procedure in men. In fact, 193,000 men had the procedure last year. It is fast, minimally painful and a major time saver (no more shaving ever again!)


Insider Tip #23 – For thinning hair, try Rogaine 5% foam twice daily (for the best value try the Costco brand, it’s just as effective as the brand name). It is FDA approved and proven to slow hair loss. Avoid the liquid Rogaine, as it leaves a greasy residue on the hair and contains an ingredient that is known to cause allergic reactions.


Insider Tip #24 – If your child (or you) have chronic eczema, read on. Research published in the journal Pediatrics showed that a very dilute bleach bath is a promising treatment for atopic dermatitis, or eczema. The bleach solution used in the study is ½ cup of bleach for a whole bathtub of water (note: this solution is weaker than the chemicals in a swimming pool). The study showed that this method kills the surface bacteria on the skin, including Staphylococcus, that cause the inflammation that worsens eczema.


Insider Tip #25 – As opposed to women, melanoma is one of only three cancers with an increasing death rate for men. In fact, starting at age 40, the chance of a melanoma in men exceeds that of women, and this trend becomes more pronounced with each decade. Fortunately, melanoma is curable if caught early. Vorteil recommends all men be screened at least once a year for this deadly cancer.


Insider Tip #26 – Fact: men have more dry and dull areas of their facial skin due to increased sensitivity to the sun’s damaging rays. Fight this by eating more foods with high water content, such as apples, melon and oranges (add protein powder and use a blender for a combination meal replacement). Hydrating fruits actually firm the skin better than drinking plain water alone. Shoot for 5-7 servings per day for optimal skin health.


Insider Tip #27 – Fact: Men age much differently than women, mainly due to genetic and hormonal differences. Because men have thick facial hair, they don’t get wrinkles and creases around the mouth. The eyes are a different story, however, as thicker muscles in a man’s face create deep creases and smile lines when they contract. Wrinkle relaxing treatments must take into account this difference in male anatomy to produce a non-feminine result.


Insider Tip #28 – Fact: Male hormones, specifically dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-S), increase skin thickness in men and help fend off wrinkles and skin aging. Vitamin A derivatives are key to anti-aging regimens, yet many men avoid them because they’re irritating. The only FDA approved version is all-trans retinoic acid, the active ingredient in Vorteil’s V-repair cream (prescription only). Vorteil recommends building up tolerance by using a pea-size drop every other day for 1 month, then increasing to every night as your skin gets used to the medicine. If irritation occurs, you can counter it with a bland moisturizer (like Cetaphil or Moisturel) and using a non-soap cleanser (like Cerave).


Insider Tip #29 – When it comes to sun protection, the face gets all the attention. Although the facial skin is the asset you want to protect the most, the backs of the hands are often neglected. This leads to age spots and wrinkles. Prevention is key…savvy men apply a coat of sunscreen to the backs of the hands daily.


Insider Tip #30 – Fact: Rhinophyma, or redness and enlargement of the nose, is a skin condition seen exclusively in men. Caused by chronic inflammation (not alcohol), it can lead to a bumpy and thick texture of the skin of the nose. Non-surgical options include a Fraxel CO2 resurfacing laser, which can improve the texture and skin tone of the nose, making it appear more smooth.


Insider Tip #31 – Fact: Men tend to age more slowly than women in part because their stronger and denser facial bones support the skin and connective tissue better. What’s more, higher collagen content and increased skin elasticity also helps provide more structure to men’s skin. For fine lines around the eye, apply Aquaphor ointment (available over-the-counter) before bedtime. Although it doesn’t increase collagen in the skin, it does hydrate the outer layer of skin cells. This leads to a noticeable improvement in fine lines and helps improve the eye skin appearance. For even better results, apply Vorteil’s V-repair cream every night to the eyelids. Because it is proven to increase collagen in the skin, it will lead to even less wrinkles than Aquaphor alone.


Insider Tip #32 – According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 90% of the changes attributable to skin aging in men are caused by the sun’s rays. Fight this off with Vorteil’s V-condition program. Just like your teeth, the skin needs maintenance. Monthly exfoliation treatments combined with prescription strength topical creams can erase age spots, fade redness, and restore the luster to your skin.


Insider Tip #33 – Fact: Men with rosacea have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated by chemicals. This is due to a protein in the skin called cathelicidin. In fact, formulas that claim to be unscented can still contain aromatic essential oils and fragrances, which may upset sensitive skin and cause rosacea to flare. If perfumes and fragrances tend to irritate your skin, check for labels that say “fragrance free” instead of “unscented”. Some good brands include Purpose, Cetaphil and Moisturel.


Insider Tip #34 – Fact: Compared to women, men have stronger skin elasticity. However, men lose more subcutaneous fat and collagen as they age. The result–a “sunken in” appearance and deep facial creases and folds. Hide the evidence with a dermal filler. Last year alone, 88,700 men had the procedure done. In our experience at Vorteil, most men get it for competitive work pressure and to appear more youthful, not to look prettier in the mirror.


Insider Tip #35 – For thinning hair, the more closely your hair color matches your skin color, the less bald you will appear. For example, fair complected men will appear more full-headed with blonde hair than with black hair. So use this optical illusion to your advantage and dye (or avoid dyeing) your hair accordingly.


Insider Tip #36 – Did you know that almost 400,000 men had wrinkle relaxation treatments last year in the US alone? In fact, Vorteil has performed hundreds of procedures and it remains our most in demand treatment. Some men have really strong brow muscles, which can unintentionally produce an angry look, even though you’re in a good mood. The treatment is safe, effective, affordable and extremely consistent.


Insider Tip #37 – Fact: Men have larger pores (especially on the nose and cheeks) and greater skin oil production, about five times that of women. Skin pores are nothing more than openings of hair follicles on the skin surface. Vorteil’s custom in-office treatments and products specifically formulated for men’s skin can reduce pore size, fight oily skin and improve your complexion.


Insider Tip #38 – Men have stronger and more massive facial muscles than women, mainly as a result of the male hormone testosterone. This explains why men get deeper crow’s feet, while women typically have fine lines and wrinkles. Because of the stronger facial muscles, larger doses of wrinkle relaxers are needed to achieve an optimal result in men.


Insider Tip #39 – When washing skin, avoid abrasive puffs and just use your fingertips. This is very important in men with rosacea or acne-prone skin, as aggressive face washing can lead to flares of facial redness and blackheads. If your routine includes a washcloth, get the gentler, low-loop terry ones made for newborn babies.


Insider Tip #40 – File this under “inevitable”: As men age, they become more susceptible to under eye dark circles. This can create a hollowed out appearance that makes you look tired, even when you’re not. Collagen and elastin, which serve to prevent skin laxity, are lost at a much faster rate in men than women. This is mainly due to accelerated aging in men plus the effects of long-term sun exposure. The best treatment is a simple, injectable wrinkle filler. It’s strong affinity for water pulls the skin taut, restoring volume to the area and de-emphasizes the discoloration and bagginess.


Insider Tip #41 – Fact: Male hormones, such as testosterone, cause


Insider Tip #42 – men’s skin to pump out five-times more oil than women’s.This causes acne, and acne scars, to be more severe in men. Since the sun’s rays lead to worse acne scars, sunscreen is critical. Look for one with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the first two ingredients (we are partial to Vorteil’s V age defense sunscreen). It is non-greasy and won’t run into your eyes and sting.


Insider Tip #43 – Deep creases between the brows and around the eyes are caused by repetitive contractions of the facial muscles. Since men have much stronger muscles than women, more wrinkle relaxer is needed to achieve the desired result. At Vorteil, our skin experts intentionally don’t treat all the wrinkles. This avoids a “Nicole Kidman” look and results in a masculine appearance.


Insider Tip #44 – Fact: Men’s skin is much different than women’s skin. According to the National Rosacea Society, redness and enlargement (caused by inflammation and oil gland activity) of the nose is exclusively seen in men, never women. At Vorteil, we specialize in men’s skin and successfully treat hundreds of men for rosacea and facial redness. Our skin experts use the latest technology to get your skin back to it’s prime.


Insider Tip #45 – Finally, a non-surgical eyelid lift tailored to men. Advanced technology lasers and refined techniques make it possible to tighten a man’s eyelids and reduce under eye bagginess, without the cost or downtime of plastic surgery. Results last up to 5 years and the procedure takes 20 minutes, all under local anesthesia.


Insider Tip #46 – A man’s body and skin composition is much different than a woman’s. In fact, men have less fatty tissue in the face and more in the flanks, while women tend to accumulate fat in the hips. Consequently, when you lose a lot of weight, it loosens skin elasticity and makes the face sag. The skin experts at Vorteil suggest not losing too much weight–aim for a BMI of 23-24. When you lose a lot of weight, it is most pronounced in the face. Ironically, a heavier frame will cause your face to sag less and look younger. Hitting the gym more? Wrinkle fillers, an office procedure, can restore volume (and build collagen) to the face that leads to a more rejuvenated appearance–very popular among men who are slimming down but don’t want to appear gaunt.


Insider Tip #47 – At Vorteil, we never want you to walk out of our center looking different, just a bit more rejuvenated and less burned-out. We use a combination of non-surgical anti-aging treatments that targeted sun damage, facial wrinkles (forehead) and redness, for example. Our goal is to get you looking refreshed, not plastic.


Insider Tip #48 – Fact: Sweat and body odor differ between men and women. Men sweat 40-50% more than women and they have different bacterial flora, pH, and sweat rates that contribute to a masculine scent. At Vorteil, there are safe and effective treatments for excessive sweating for the forehead, underarms, palms and soles. They are very popular among businessmen who sweat through dress shirts often.


Insider Tip #49 – Fact: As men age, they tend to lose collagen around the eyes, creating under eye dark circles and folds. Subtle placement of dermal filler around the eye area, which replenishes the structure of the skin that was lost due to aging, can restore a rejuvenated appearance. Remember: it’s restorative, not cosmetic.


Insider Tip #50 – As the social scene and corporate office get more and more competitive, wrinkles probably aren’t seen as a sign of wisdom anymore. So get covered…with a Panama hat. For guys who hate to use sunscreen, this is a classic and stylish alternative. Think of it as your personal body guard against wrinkles (and face cancer).


Insider Tip #51 – Last year in the US, over 1 million men underwent non-surgical anti-aging procedures. In the business world, the appearance of vitality can be key to getting a job, keeping that job, and getting promoted. Don’t let your skin or hair keep you from functioning at your peak. Call and schedule a consultation at 949-276-2600 today.


Insider Tip #52 – Eating more omega-3 fatty acids can help alleviate facial redness and irritation. From our experience at Vorteil treating hundreds of men with facial redness and rosacea, the improvement can be seen within weeks to months. Try eating wild salmon, a great source of omega-3’s, two or three times per week. Don’t like fish? Fish oil supplements will have the same benefit.


Insider Tip #53 – Red, irritated skin probably won’t impress your next job interviewer. When washing your face, less is definitely more. Vorteil recommends a gentle, non-soap cleanser such as Cetaphil or Purpose brands (available over-the-counter). Using just your fingertips, use circular motions to cleanse the facial skin using luke-warm water (never hot). Avoid harsh fruit scrubs at all costs, they can irritate the skin and cause acne flare-ups and worsen dark marks.


Insider Tip #54 – Did you know that, except around the mouth area, men tend to have deeper and wider facial wrinkles than women. Since Vorteil specializes in men’s skin, we know the subtle differences in men’s anatomy and treatment techniques, leading to the best results.


Insider Tip #55 – To get your skin to look more tan without sun exposure (and the inevitable skin aging that results), put on a shirt that’s orange, pink or yellow. These colors reflect off the skin and creates the illusion of a more warm, brighter skin appearance.


Insider Tip #56 – For fine lines and wrinkles, apply all-trans retinoic acid cream to the face every night. It can also be safely used around the eye area to boost collagen and improve dark circles. It’s FDA approved for brown spots as well. Available by prescription only in Vorteil’s V-repair cream, this medicine is 85 times more potent than over-the-counter retinol.


Insider Tip #57 – Fact: Sun exposure ages your skin. Period. But what about vitamin D? Recent studies have shown that, even though a man’s skin is 30% thicker than a woman’s, just 5 minutes of noontime exposure (even with sunscreen on) to the hands, arms and face 2-3 times per week is easily adequate to maximize vitamin D production in skin. Avoid unnecessary aging by taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D by mouth daily. Vorteil recommends Trader Joe’s brand capsules; a recent Consumer Report ranked them number one for price and quality.


Insider Tip #58 – Wrinkle treatments in men must be done in a specific way to avoid feminizing the face. Unfortunately, most anti-aging centers treat women 95% of the time. Men’s unique anatomy, stronger facial muscles and thicker skin require nuanced techniques and skills to deliver a result men feel comfortable with.


Insider Tip #59 – Excessive oiliness is a very common skin complaint in men, especially on the face. Unlike women’s skin, oiliness and sebum production in male skin does not go down with age. An easy way to degrease your face is to drink alcohol in moderation: more than two drinks a day can cause your skin to speed up oil production, which can make your pores look extra large as well. Lack of sleep can have the same effect, research has shown.


Insider Tip #60 – Over 5,000 men had treatments for unwanted leg veins last year in the US. The procedure is safe, effective and FDA approved. Call Vorteil today at 949-276-2600 to schedule a procedure.


Insider Tip #61 – Salicylic acid exfoliation treatments are key to prevent ingrown hairs, acne and mild sun damage. Applied in the office on a monthly basis, it has been shown to soothe bumps, erase fine lines and reduce redness by decreasing inflammation in the skin. Vorteil’s V-condition service, designed for busy professional men, is an economical and efficient way to maintain your skin for the long-term.


Insider Tip #62 – Even on cloudy days, the sun’s UVA (aging) rays get through the clouds and even the window glass in your car. The reflective surfaces in the car also increase the risk of sun damage and skin aging. Vorteil recommends that all men wear sunglasses with UVA protection (aviator style provides excellent coverage and look cool) as well as to get UV coating films installed on the driver’s and passenger’s side windows (the windshield already has both UVA and UVB protection). For installation of window films, find a dealer at llumar.com.


Insider Tip #63 – Men’s skin is much different than women’s skin. In fact, men have flat (not arched) eyebrows, more pronounced eyebrow ridges, and stronger facial muscles. All this means that wrinkle treatments performed in men must be tailored to these masculine features, or else it could lead to an artificial and feminine appearance. Wrinkle treatments between the eyebrows are common in men because they immediately produce a less aged and less “angry” appearance. The results are safe, fast and very consistent.


Insider Tip #64 – Men are much more prone to hair loss than women because of different amounts of hormones produced by the prostate gland. For thinning hair, use prescription strength ketoconazole 2% shampoo three times per week. It contains an ingredient that is proven to help grow hair. This medication works especially well when combined with finasteride and Rogaine use.


Insider Tip #65 – Stress sets off male hormones, such as testosterone, that cause acne breakouts. So make time to wind down and relax. The skin experts at Vorteil recommend to find a hobby. Less stress increases oxygen flow and stabilizes hormones, minimizing flare-ups as a result.


Insider Tip #66 – Men have a greater predilection for sun-induced immune cell slowing, which explains the faster aging and higher skin cancer rates in men than women. Think a suntan is worth the risk? Think again. Besides causing a potentially lethal form of skin cancer (melanoma), a recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine (and quoted in the Wall Street Journal) showed a 24% decrease in skin aging, as measured by facial lines and coarseness of the skin, when sunscreen was used daily. Slather on Vorteil’s V-age defense SPF-30 sunscreen every day after shaving, as most sun exposure is incidental, not just when lying on the beach.


Insider Tip #67 – If you have facial redness, stay away from extreme heat. It turns out that intense heat can make redness flare and become permanent. To limit the appearance of broken capillaries, skip prolonged sun exposure, saunas, spicy foods, and hot tea. If you need more help, an in-office laser can eliminate facial redness and blood vessels by 90%.


Insider Tip #68 – Despite their thicker skin, men are more sensitive to the sun’s damaging rays than women, which explains why they get sunburned more quickly and have an increased risk of skin cancer. Make sure to cover exposed skin with clothing and wear a zinc-oxide based sunscreen, especially at high altitudes (when skiing and hiking).


Insider Tip #69 – At Vorteil, we never set out to be a “med spa”. Let’s face it, our credentials speak for themselves. All of our skin experts are board-certified and only treat men’s skin.


Insider Tip #70 – Anti-sun damage creams with all-trans retinoic acid (like Vorteil’s V-repair), which act like a superficial chemical


Insider Tip #71 – peel, can leave skin irritated and red. Vorteil recommends one of two tips for dealing with this: 1. using copious amount of bland moisturizer (such as Cetaphil) every night after applying the anti-aging cream or 2. applying the cream to the face every other night (instead of nightly). Don’t worry, the proven benefits of all-trans retinoic acid won’t be affected


Insider Tip #72 – The vertical lines on the forehead are called sleep lines (because the pressure from a pillow causes them over time), whereas the horizontal lines are caused by contraction of the forehead muscle. To fix the vertical lines, consider investing in a Vanity pillow, which prevents you from tossing and turning during the night. Wrinkle filler treatments can also smooth them. For the horizontal lines, only an in-office procedure with a wrinkle relaxer will help. Make sure to go to a center with expertise in men’s skin, as the injection techniques differ markedly in men versus women.


Insider Tip #73 – Fact: Men are much more prone to sun damage than women. Cumulative sun exposure results in faster skin cancer and skin aging. What’s more, about 42% of a man’s sun damage can be attributed to incidental sun exposure during the winter months. Protect your face year-round with V-age defense sunscreen, it’s SPF 30 and won’t leave a white sheen on your face.


Insider Tip #74 – Under eye dark circles are often caused by excessive fluid in the skin around the eye area. A quick and easy remedy is to use an extra pillow at night when you sleep. Since gravity pulls fluid downward, propping your head up will lead to less puffiness around the eyes.


Insider Tip #75 – A man’s face and skin are the first thing business contacts, clients, and significant others notice. It’s like a Porsche–if the paint is dull, take it to the shop for a touch-up and some polish. Don’t let things go…keep it together. Vorteil specializes in non-surgical anti-aging procedures for men. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Insider Tip #76 – Did you know that, compared to women, men consume 36% more sodium in their diet? The sodium leads to excess fluid around the delicate eye skin, resulting in puffiness and under eye dark circles. In addition to cutting back on the salt, applying cold packs to the eye area for 5 minutes every night can get rid of the puffiness and reduce the dark circles.


Insider Tip #77 – Life is competitive, keep your edge. Clothes and cars alone don’t make the man. Skin and hair are just as important. Which is why Vorteil specializes in non-surgical anti-aging procedures for men. Consistent results. Little downtime. More confidence.


Insider Tip #78 – Get a cut on your skin from surfing or hiking? Pick up some Curad Bloodstop (available over-the-counter). It contains biodegradable, natural fiber cellulose that turns into a gel when it makes contact with blood, sealing the wound. Acting in less than 60 seconds, the gel will also minimize further bleeding. Note: this product is not recommended for deep cuts or wounds on the face (you need stitches instead).


Insider Tip #79 – Have you ever wondered if sunscreen is still good after the expiration date? Vorteil recommends tossing the product if overdue because sunscreen tends to lose its effectiveness after the date. This is important because the sunscreen probably won’t protect your skin as well, setting the stage for skin cancer and skin aging. In fact, if the bottle has been sitting at the beach or in the sun a lot, it probably loses its potency before the expiration date. Ditch accordingly.


Insider Tip #80 – Fact: the anti-acne cream benzoyl peroxide is still good after the expiration date. Why? Mostly because the small size of the chemical prevents it from being degraded. Also, each dab of cream contains high levels of the medication, thus even small amounts of decay doesn’t decrease it’s effectiveness at fighting acne bumps.


Insider Tip #81 – Fact: Men’s skin produces five-times more oil than women’s skin. From our experience at Vorteil, oiliness is a huge skin concern for most guys. Avoid scrubbing and washing the face too aggressively, as the facial skin will max out sebum (oil) production to compensate for the dryness. Likewise, never use alkaline soaps (such as Zest or Ivory) to cleanse the face. Use Cetaphil or CeraVe non-soap cleansers instead.


Insider Tip #82 – Fact: Too much washing and not enough moisturizing makes wrinkles and creases on a man’s face look deeper. For starters, use only luke-warm water when washing your face, as hot water can strip away natural oils. In the morning, it’s OK to just use water to wet the face. In the evening, use a non-soap cleanser followed by a good moisturizer (such as Moisturel brand).


Insider Tip #83 – Fact: A stellar moisturizer will accomplish 3 things: form a barrier on the skin, smooth out wrinkles caused by dehydration, and stoke cell regeneration. Make sure to avoid moisturizers that contain parabens, formaldehyde or fragrance, as these can inflame skin and possibly cause allergic reactions. Look for ones that are oil-free, non-comedogenic, and contain dimethicone (a proven barrier protectant). For best results, apply every night before bedtime. This will speed cell repair and recovery and hydrate wrinkles while you sleep.


Insider Tip #84 – If you use heavy hair styling cream/gel, sweat a lot, or have fine hair, you should shampoo daily (which will remove sebum and dirt from the scalp). If you have thicker hair and don’t use a lot of product, shampoo every other day. It turns out that excessive shampooing can leave the hair dull, susceptible to static electricity and difficult to comb. Regardless, use shampoos that are free of parabens, sulfates and alcohols. The brand Free & Clear shampoo fits the bill (available at Walgreens and Amazon).


Insider Tip #85 – Vorteil’s philosophy is that it’s not about vanity…it’s about function. Whether in the community, at the office or having fun, it’s a man’s job to be out there functioning in life. This is different than narcissism, which means admiring yourself in the mirror. To the contrary, it’s about taking control and improving yourself while taking pride in your appearance.


Insider Tip #86 – Fact: sunscreen does not cause acne. However, since men produce more sweat than women (about 40-50% more), they are prone to acne-like breakouts after applying greasy sunscreens. These breakouts are caused by the emulsifiers in the sunscreen that clog the sweat ducts, which results in inflammation and leads to red facial bumps and pimples. The solution? For the face and everyday use, try using a non-greasy sunscreen specific for men’s skin (like Vorteil’s V-age defense). When at the beach and need sunscreen on the back and chest, try spray sunscreens, which tend to clog the sweat ducts less than creams or lotions.


Insider Tip #87 – Do you have a salicylic acid over-the-counter wart remover that has been in your medicine cabinet for years? Don’t worry, it turns out that the medication does not expire. Since salicylic acid depends on the pH to work effectively, it doesn’t lose its potency when exposed to environmental elements (such as moisture, heat or light).


Insider Tip #88 – Over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% cream is a versatile product for the skin. Skin conditions common in men, such as poison ivy, bug bites, and razor bumps, can be improved with this medication. It works by decreasing the inflammation in the skin, which helps with itch and minor irritation. In terms of the expiration date, definitely throw away an expired tube. It turns out that hydrocortisone is susceptible to bacteria overgrowth because the preservatives in the cream wear off over time. This can cause a skin infection if you use an expired tube.


Insider Tip #89 – Fact: Athlete’s foot is a very common skin condition in men. It is caused by a harmless fungus that produces an itchy red rash on the soles of the feet and between the toes. The best medication for this infection is over-the-counter terbinafine 1% cream (lamisil). Don’t worry if the tube has been sitting in your medicine chest for a decade–it won’t degrade into harmful substances (although it may not work as effectively as an unexpired tube).


Insider Tip #90 – Fact: under eye dark circles in men are partially caused by excessive fluid in the skin around the eyes. Common culprits include excessive salt in the diet, alcohol or lack of sleep. A lesser known cause is seasonal allergies, which leads puffiness around the eyes due to increased histamine. Do your eyes make you look tired even though you are well rested? Try taking an antihistamine pill (like Claritin) once per day. Don’t worry if the medication is beyond the expiration date–it won’t turn into a harmful chemical.


Insider Tip #91 – Thinking about using preshave oil tomorrow morning? Consider this: men have larger and more active oil glands than women, mostly as a result of higher testosterone levels. This makes facial skin particularly prone to acne breakouts induced by pore clogging preshave oil. Preshave oil can be useful only if you are not prone to acne bumps as the oil will prevent some nicks and cuts and make the razor glide more smoothly over a man’s thicker hair follicles. Do you have skin somewhere in between? Consider using a lubricating shave gel (not foam) and razor with hydrating strips, both of which will enable the blade to shave close while avoiding razor burn.

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