Pulsed dye laser:

Purpose: To eliminate facial redness and blood vessels.
Vorteil’s Strategy: High-powered pulsed light is used to reduce skin redness and lessen the appearance of facial veins caused by rosacea and sun damage.
Downtime: Hours to days.
Lasts many years.

Introduction to Pulsed Dye Laser:

FDA approved and the gold-standard for facial redness, enlarged facial veins and broken capillaries, this laser delivers a powerful yet gentle burst of light into targeted areas of the skin to eliminate facial redness and broken blood vessels.

The Science of Men’s Skin: Pulsed Dye Laser

Men tend to have a redder skin tone than women due to greater susceptibility to sun-induced redness of the face.

What’s more, compared to women, men tend to have thicker blood vessels on the facial skin, which is a reflection of the increased male hormones (such as testosterone).

These factors contribute to the ruddy complexion and enlarged blood vessels seen in men.

The Vorteil difference:

At Vorteil, we have treated hundreds of men with facial redness, thickened blood vessels, and neck redness. Not only do we have the best laser on the market to treat facial veins and redness, but our knowledge of the techniques and laser settings needed to get men the best result is unsurpassed.

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