Hair Transplantation:

Purpose: To restore hair loss caused by genetics
Vorteil’s Strategy: A board-certified dermatology MD uses the latest techniques to achieve a completely natural and undetectable head of hair.
Downtime: 3 days | Lasts a lifetime

Introduction to Hair Transplantation:

A man’s head of hair is tied to his masculinity and function in life, which is why keeping it is such a high priority for most guys.

In the past, “pluggy” hairlines were created using large grafts in the frontal hairline, creating an obvious, unnatural transplant.

At Vorteil, we perform a procedure called follicular unit grafting by the microscopically magnified technique, currently the gold standard in hair restoration surgery.

This technique produces a natural and undetectable transplant.

The Science of Men’s Skin: Hair Transplantation

Men’s hair loss is much different than women’s. Because of higher levels of the hormone DHT, men tend to develop a receding hair plus balding on the crown, whereas women experience hair thinning over the entire scalp.

The Vorteil Difference:

Because of the subtleties and nuances of a man’s hairline and the male pattern balding process, modern hair transplantation is best left to the experts. At Vorteil, only board-certified dermatologists with an MD credential perform the procedure, never an ER or family practice physician.

In addition to the unsurpassed quality and expertise, you will receive first-rate service and amenities during your hair transplantation experience. This includes ocean-view rooms, unlimited movie viewing on a 60-inch HDTV, lunch service from a local gourmet restaurant, and a custom, post-operative rapid recovery kit.